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Shell is the transitional centre-point of Maker, where in the story the ‘good’ Maker starts to transpire and become the ‘evil’ version of himself.

It’s the first track we wrote for the record back in January 2018 and we recorded it with Hamish Dickinson (Phoenix Sound Studios) within the same month. By doing this we were able to use it as a good focus point for building the concept of the album both lyrically and instrumentally, and it also helped us to decide where we wanted our story to go in terms of the concept of the ethical questions we wanted to subliminally talk about in this record. Shell is of the heavier songs on the record, with nods to bands we/the record itself are inspired by (Employed To Serve, Loathe) however this track was a chance for us to experiment with sampling and electronics, something we’d never done before with this band. Lyrically this song combats the juxtaposition of the protagonist being unsure if he should accept himself as the higher-being of the universe he has created for himself and in-doing-so neglect his ‘real’ self, or whether he should abandon his creation so that he does not continue to lose his mind and grasp of his moral compass.


This is not who I’m meant to be
No more quarrels with mortality
I am God, absolute morality
It doesn’t feel right, living two lives
One as Man, and one God-sized

Trapped in this mortal shell
Shifting between Heaven and Hell

I am God, I am not
I am God
I am God, I am not
I am God


from Shell, released May 27, 2019
Produced and Engineered // Hamish Dickinson at Phoenix Sound Studio
Mixed and Mastered // Hamish Dickinson
Art Direction and Design // Clarice Tudor


all rights reserved



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