1. acab brik
    London, UK
  2. americansignlanguage.
    England, UK
  3. Autumnboy
    Chippenham, UK
  4. Brutalligators
    Hitchin, UK
  5. Bryony Williams
    England, UK
  6. Floods in Japan
    Canterbury, UK
  7. Human Head
    Bristol, UK
  8. Kern Parks
    London, UK
  9. Lastelle
    Oxford, UK
  10. Marigolds
    Norwich, UK
  11. Parachute For Gordo
  12. Petlib.
    London, UK
    Oxford, UK
  14. Treehouse
    London, UK


Beth Shalom Records London, UK

Beth Shalom Records is a genre-fluid record label based in London, UK. Started by musician, Joe Booley, in late 2014, the label has since supported artists across the globe to release their art to an ever-growing audience. Working with everything from electronic to post-metal, and noise-punk to dream pop, there is no area that BSR cannot reside. ... more

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