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Beth Shalom has amazingly got to a point where we are bringing out at least one new release each month?!?! And so, moving forward we'd like to offer an exclusive subscription to our most loyal friends!!

You can the choice of two subscriptions; £5 for digital, or £15 for physical per month
You'll also receive every single release we do earlier than anyone else and will also occasionally receive exclusive tracks to you as subscribers and merch made only with you in mind!!

If you choose digital you will receive;
- Everything we have every done immediately
- All releases 48 hours in advance
- 20% off all merch and physical products on our Bandcamp
- You'll be the first to know anything happening behind the scenes; when people are recording, when we've signed a new band. Anything, and everything!!

If you choose physical you will receive;
- All of the above
- At least one physical product each month. That could be on Vinyls, Cassette Tape, CDs, or maybe even the odd book.
- Exclusive variants and represses (where possible)
- On the months where we don't necessarily have a physical release planned we will go out of our way to create something truly unique for you. It could be an exclusive piece of merch, a limited lathe cut record, anything really.

You are also not tied to us for any set length of time, so if it really isn't for you you're free to go as and when you wish...but of course we'll miss you deeply!!

If you read this and decide to subscribe, we look forward to this journey together and thank you so much for your support!! xoxo

What you get:


  • For £5/month, you get everything above.
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  • For £15/month, you get everything above, plus:
    People that sign up to this subscription will receive at least one physical release each month (it could be a vinyl, a tape or two, a CD, or maybe even a book?!) But even the month that we are quiet on the release front we plan to deliver exclusive merch, releases and represses direct to you door!!

    We'll aim to post everything in the 3rd week of every month but will let you know straight away if things are slightly delayed.

    We will also be offering subscriber exclusive variants on our releases where possible to make you feel even more special to us xoxo
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* Downloads are DRM-free and available in MP3, FLAC and more.
Beth Shalom Records
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